Get Crackin

We as human beings tend to blame people for their lousy behavior and then make generalizations about them — this is how racism and other forms of intolerance thrive in our society.

Here in Israel we are surrounded by a majority of people who dislike us greatly and actively try to hurt us — they aim rockets and bombs at us, targeting places crammed with innocent people like buses and marketplaces (and to make matters worse, the whole world around us seems to think we deserve it…. but I digress).

When you are faced with this kind of persecution daily — when it’s your neighbor, your friend, your family member calling to tell you they were nearly a casualty of such an attack — when rockets are coming down just a few miles from your home — it’s hard not to make generalizations and become intolerant. It’s much easier to get bitter — to want to fight back — to defend yourself — to protect your loved ones and your home.

This is the much bigger picture — and in my opinion, the ultimate answer to all forms of mistreatment or persecution you might be facing today. The people who do these things do not understand that they are being manipulated by an enemy who hates us — a powerful force who would like nothing more than to lie to us, kill us, steal our joy and all the good things we deserve.  This evil entity wants total control of our lives.

Here is my point: We need to get crackin at HIM. We must not be angry at the people doing these things — they are simply pawns in his game….poor people — they know not what they do.