Heal our Land

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Behind the Scenes of the release of Heal Our Land

Months ago, we were three days from boarding a plane to return home to Southern Israel when tragedy hit our family.

My relatively healthy brother-in-law Gary suddenly died of a massive heart attack at the young age of 46. He was my husband’s younger and only sibling. He also cared for my in-laws, who are deaf and not in the best health. 

We stayed to grieve and sort out the many details of Gary’s funeral and belongings for a few weeks. It was through this time of shock and grief that the Holy Spirit began impressing scripture and melodies on my heart, one in particular, which would later become the single “Heal Our Land.”

Our plan was to get his parents into an assisted living situation because they could not come with us to Israel, but the next thing we knew, the whole world turned upside down with covid. Not only were we denied compensation for our return airfare, but now we were not able to find a good place for my in-laws because of all the new restrictions.

Never would we have imagined that we would still be in America, not able to return home for complicated reasons involving my husband’s Israeli citizenship, our daughter’s decision to start college in the US, my in-law’s health and well-being, and the extreme lockdowns in Israel.

Trying to make the most of our time while we waited for answers, we bought a camper and a sound system to go pray and break strongholds in worship in strategic locations and capital cities around America. Little did I know that this song would become the theme of this unexpected initiative from the Lord for our family this season.

Even as I write this, we are traveling. We were in the heart of the insurrection when the chaos was taking place- BLM/George Floyd, ANTIFA, CHAZ/CHAD, and others. We were there calling the saints to gather in these areas to agree in prayer, tear down strongholds in worship, and share God’s hope and love with the lost and hurting.

We have traveled from the East Coast to the West, from Orlando to Atlanta to Nashville, through most of the Midwest to Minneapolis, Portland, Washington State, and many State Capitols and strategic locations in between. It has truly been a radical journey of faith and it doesn’t seem to be over.

This song, Heal Our Land, is my prayer and my heart’s cry for God’s mercy on us in this difficult time. It is a special song written by the Holy Spirit and produced/sung/played by me and some anointed and talented artists.

Would you have a listen, and if you are moved to do so, would you share this link to your email lists, on social media, and however else you feel led? It is a powerful melody and a strong word for such a time as this, (lazman hazeh, in Hebrew). May God give us the GRACE to be BOLD in these last days. He has a greater plan than we could ask or think and is calling us to a deeper level of faith and obedience— may we all heed His call.

Many Thanks and Much Agape Love,

Baht Rivka Whitten (for the Whitten Family).