Beware to Compare

Uggggh. It is human nature to compare ourselves one to another but the scriptures tell us it’s not such a good idea. Unfortunately, with all the technology and social networking,  it is becoming more and more difficult not to do so.

Before we know it, the information just pops up in our news feed about how one friend is just looooving his job, another is excelling at school,  got her house clean, had twins, lost weight etc, all the while it seems we are just struggling to get by.  Either that or we see how our teenage peer got pregnant, someone gets fired or divorced, and we’re feeling really quite good about ourselves. Yuck.

In the words of my wise friend Beckah Shae, “Don’t compare yourself to others– you’ll end up either hating yourself or loving yourself too much”.

~Thoughts from the Negev :)