Don’t Lose Hope!

Your world might be crashing in on you today. Money, marriage, work, family and everything else. But I want to tell you — do not lose hope! Things often get their worst, just when victory is around the┬ácorner! Turn this thing around today! Take some time alone and ask G-d if there is any way you have grieved Him. Then go to the people that are closest to you and do the same. G-d loves a humble and contrite heart and He looks for those who will humble themselves before Him and those who are the hardest to please.

We are living in times that the great men and women of the Bible could only wish to take part in. And He obviously thought that you should be here for such a time as this! Do not let the evil one get you all flustered. Do the right thing. Go humbly to everyone you can think of that you have grieved, especially the Lord. For not trusting Him above anyone/thing else. We have authority over the powers of darkness! But we need to be walking wholeheartedly with Him. I love you. Be strong in Him. Xoxo