Gmar Chatima Tova

 “Gmar chatima tova” we say, literally meaning, “a good ending” or “may your name be inscribed in the book of life.” This the phrase with which Jewish friends, family and even total strangers greet each other at this time each year. 
So… can we talk about this? I cannot understand how we can be so selfish all year long, thinking mostly of of our own desires (as opposed to His) and then without a second thought, bid eachother “gmar chatima tova”. 
Having a good ending, being written in the Book of Life — do these things just happen because we’re “Jewish”? Or we’re “good people”?  Or because we keep the traditions our parents and grandparents always did? 
Seeeeeeek Him. Be STILL before Him. Allow Him to speak, direct our lives, show us His TRUTH. #mayeachofournamesbeinscribedinHisbook. ~Thoughts from the Negev.