Hold On.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy gosh. I just discovered the musical lyrical genius of one B. Reith —-I loooove this guy! And I can totally relate to his hilarious lyrics on the song “Knockin’ on My Door” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnfzxBTDt68.

So… many of you have been asking me if I’m ever gonna do some new music. Ummm. The short answer is yes. I have direction and I am working on new stuff. As for the direction for this next album, after thinking, praying, asking for your thoughts, I am aiming for a younger, more rhythmic sound. Kind of a mix between Beckah Shae and this guy I just found, B. Reith — along with some other surprise sounds and possibly guest singers. And I want to continue in Hebrew.  However — there may be some English on this album as well. We will see where it goes.

But these things take TIME… and money… and a really good producer…. all things that I am currently in the market for.  Any suggestions?

We are planning to go back to the US for another tour in late fall (I know… that soon?) and I am aiming to start recording at some point then. I still have all the $$ that came in through a few kind supporters, (just so you know I didn’t go on a shopping spree) which added up to about $2300. And I am trusting the the rest will come in due time. Just to give you an idea, my last one cost close to $25,000. Yeah. Most have no idea the kind of time and cost that’s involved in making good music.

Anyway, I ask you to please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I embark on yet another musical adventure and try to hone in on my niche. Love y’all.

~Thoughts from the Negev :)