New Music

Shalom Friends,

I have spent over two years of my life praying over, thinking up and executing this new music project, Lechu laMayim (Come to the Waters)!

This album is comprised mostly of original songs, written and composed by me along with the help of some super talented friends, and recorded in northern Israel.

Lechu laMayim features fun, trendy music with thought provoking lyrics and soul-stirring ballads that speak powerfully to the people of these times in which we’re living. The songs address important themes such as peace in the midst of war, hopelessness, true love and repentance. We are believing that this music will make a real impact in Israel and we are aiming for Israeli radio play.

For this reason, it has taken much longer than we expected to complete this project. Each song needed to be carefully and uniquely crafted for radio quality. We have gone way over our budget for this meticulous work in the studio. Please pray with us, and consider supporting this vital project by ordering cd’s and/or giving toward this cause.

For Zion’s Sake,

Baht Rivka